Antibes: when a holiday home is a profitable investment


A town with a rich past

Antipolis has known a long road before being the Antibes we know today. The name Antipolis comes from the Roman occupation at the beginning of our era. After a rather quiet moment, the town passed from the De Grasse family to the Grimaldi family.Theatre of the conflicts between François Ier and the Habsbourg family from Spain, it has been sold a few years later by the Grimaldi family to the French king Henri IV.

During the 19th century, the fortifications of the town have been dismantled due to the expansion of the urbanisation.

Now Antibes is a very developed and attractive town which has benefited a lot from the implementation of the Sophia Antipolis Techno pole.

Antibes Juan-les-Pins in the Maritimes Alpes, a trendy destination

The town of Antibes seems to have a great power of attraction. This idea can be confirmed regarding the famous people that have lived or spent some time there.

The world of politics is hard and people involved in it are looking for quality time when they are on holiday. The former French president François Mitterrand has spent his honeymoon in Antibes with his wife he met in the Resistance in 1944. Another notable politic man who visited Antibes was John F. Kennedy. Although he was “only” a senator when he came, he contributed to the prestige of the city.

The world of art was also represented in Antibes. starting from the comic French singer Carlos who spent his holidays there to Jules Verne, the famous French author, who wrote his masterpiece “Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours” (in English: “Around the World in Eighty Days”) in his villa “Les Chênes Verts” in Antibes.
The national appeal is certain but this is not all of it.
Indeed, the Grimaldi Castle which was then owned by the town, has offered the great painter Pablo Picasso to set up his workshops in the castle. A few years later, he received the honorific title of “Citizen of Honour of the Town of Antibes”. In 1970, the castle became the Picasso Museum where 250 paintings are exposed.

If Antibes is also known to be the head quarter of the French records breaker swimmer Alain Bernard, the matter that interests us here are, of course, holidays!

Buying a property

The town, its climate, its history and the several places of interest make Antibes a real worldwide magnet for people who wish to buy a property in South of France.

The President of the Chelsea FC is the happy owner of a castle in Antibes, Le Chateau de la Croe he acquired for the trifling sum of 20 million Euros. But do not worry; this is not the budget we are talking about here about purchasing a holiday house, even if that would be nice!

Fortunately eveyrone doesn’t need to spend such money to enjoy nice a vacation with a source of secured income. Managing a property from abroad has never been easy and takes a lot of time and effort to do it right, you also need to think of all the collateral expenses involved. In France there has been a concept which has been proven very succesful during the last 40 years among French and foreign investors. It provides a secured rental income without the hassle of managing the property itself and even better it is tax free income thanks to the fiscal amortisation of the property, you might already this concept: LMNP or French leaseback.

What is a French leaseback?

Many people are now familiar with this type of investment; however, there are many more who have not been introduced yet to this concept.

A leaseback is a freehold property you buy like any other properties in France. The difference is that it is managed by a management company which role is to let it to provide you a monthly rent secured by the fact they manage several residences in order to have a regular overal turnover. If you buy the property off plan you get a 20% VAT tax rebate on the price of the property, did you think it was possible to get such a good negotiation in Antibes?

And what about my holidays in all of this?

A question worth asking! The company, in addition to the rent, provides you an annual period of occupation that may vary depending on the property. Usually 1 to 8 weeks which is more than the usual working holidays you are entitle to.

To sum up:

  • You purchase a freehold property
  • You earn a monthly rent tax free paid by the management company who is taking good care of your property (they fix at their own cost plumbing problems etc)
  • You have the possibility to occupy your property for the duration agreed in the rental contract.

A leaseback in Antibes

An investment in a leaseback is the choice for a guaranteed rent, which provides you a net income thanks to the leaseback fiscal advantage, and for a nice and pleasant holiday home.

You could be spending a week in Antibes in this superb apartment in a very nice residence located in the historic core of the city surrounded by ancient monuments from different origins, enjoying the sun. It offers all sorts of everyday amenities.
The Juan les Pins part guarantees an exciting nightlife with night clubs, casino, even night shopping while Antibes is full of restaurants, piano bars, cafes and theatres. There are many festivals including the famous Jazz a Juan event which is one of the top jazz festivals in the world. For the largest choice of fresh local products the best place to go is the daily market Marche Provencal but there are also three important markets (Artisanal, Foire -clothing market and Brocante).

A week in Antibes is more than realistic considering it is located only 15mins from the international airport in Nice which offers direct flights from and to the UK.,pid=53084

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