Why you are much better off purchasing a new-build in France!

The idea of owning a second property in France is a thought that many of us share. A rural holiday home such as a quaint old cottage surrounded by undulating hills may first appear as an idyllic retreat, but stop and ask yourself: are old properties easier to maintain from afar?

The majority of regions in France experience seasonal extremities, which we in the UK are often unaccustomed too. For example, in summer, your home can be roasting in never-ending golden rays of sunshine; conversely, in winter, your home can be lashed by the inclement wind and rain or even carpeted by a deep blanket of forbidding snow.

Consequently, these prodigious climatic extremes can have a serious effect on the up-keep of your home, making properties wither and in need of maintenance, much sooner than their British counterparts can. Imagine your old holiday home uninhabited during the harshness of a continental winter, and at the whim and mercies of the wind, rain, frost, and snow. Are you able to call a French plumber to mend that burst pipe? Can you really reside here in the UK with complete peace of mind and knowing that all will be fine?

As a result, many holiday home-owners plumb to buy a French new build property instead. The benefits of buying a new-build property far out way that of an older property, aside from the cheaper notary costs, homes are properly insulated and must comply with today’s stringent planning and environmental requirements.  In addition, your new-build home, can be modified and amended to suit your own personal preferences and burgeoning extended family requirements. Additionally, en -uite bathrooms and contemporary kitchens with their own wine cellar are often standard

In the Languedoc-Roussillon region sandwiched between the lofty Pyrenees and the inviting Med, we have an eclectic portfolio of such new-builds for your immediate consideration. Myself and our specialist agent on site Franck Martinez, a native of the region, are at hand to assist with expert and sincere advice.

So do not delay and travel there today and see what new-build holiday homes Sextant French properties can find for you

A bientôt!

Jim & Franck

Jim Franck
jim@sextantproperties.com franck@sextantproperties.com

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