New build: Building sites increase


The number of building sites has soared by 33.7% in the past year and building permits are also increasing.

The upturn in the building market is now confirmed. According to the latest statistics published on Wednesday by the ministry for sustainable development, new-build building sites in France had increased by late March by 12.4% over one year, with 372 756 units and by 33.7% over the last three months compared to the previous three months with 106 156 units.

In the non residential sector, building sites have shown a 23.1% increase over three months, with 7 164 500sqm, but decreased by 9.5% over one year with 23.67 million sqm. Building permits increased by 13.4% from January to March compared to the same quarter a year before with 8 750 900 sqm and are increasing by 4.0% over one year with 35.15 million sqm.

The increase of building sites in the non residential sector over three months is particularly due to hotel accommodations (+66.1%), offices (+50%) and industrial buildings (+33.1%).

Decrease of the demand in April

According to a distinct investigation of the INSEE carried out with property developers, and published on Tuesday, the demand for new build properties to buy has sharply decreased in April, the corresponding balance of opinions falling to -34 which is under its historic average, that is to say fall of 19 points  over a month.

However, contractors surveyed by the INSEE foresee an increase in building sites whether it be for housing or for the buy to let market.

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