Leasebacks offer you great activities!


Whether set in the city, the countryside, in a French ski resort or by the seaside, French leasebacks offer –as well as a superb apartment with the best facilities and amenities nearby- plenty of activities! There is a very wide choice of activities you can practise perhaps for the first time, depending on the place you choose to buy a leaseback or a new build.

Today, leisure extends into all sectors including real estate. During your French holidays, it is now very easy to take part in an activity even if you have never practised it before: it is an opportunity to discover France as you’ve never seen it before.

Whether indoor or outdoor, in summer or winter, here is a list of activities you could enjoy:

=> In the countryside:

Country leasebacks are also often close to the seaside. Hence, you can find many leasebacks on the French Riviera set at most 30 miles away from the sea. With good weather, you will find residences where you can find the following:

–          Football pitches

–          Badminton courts

–          Tennis courts

–          Dance floors

–          Swimming pool: either for swimming, diving or water polo…

–          Horse-riding: particularly when your apartment is located near a forest and part of a beautiful landscape, as local tourism is working well these days thanks to such small scale attractions.

Should you have a river or lake a stone’s throw from your residence, you could even practise canoe, kayak, rafting or pedalo boat…

=> In the ski resorts:

In the mountains whether in the summer or the winter, you’ll always be able to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Winter activities:

Of course, the first activity that comes directly to mind is skiing or snowboarding. Moreover, 99% of French ski resorts also offer sleigh rides! It is an opportunity to discover the mountainous landscape in an entirely new way  . And when it’s cold outside, luxury leasebacks often include well-being centres with fitness, spa, sauna and hammam.

Summer activities:

It is worth trying paragliding or hang-gliding in summer to take in the landscape as well as to literally get a breath of fresh air (in summer, temperatures in the mountains can reach up to 40 degrees in the shade). Another way to admire the landscape is by  helicopter ride, an experience you shouldn’t miss.

If you are used to teeing off like Lee Westwood or Ian Poulter, you will find a golf course in every ski resort in the French Alps. Unfortunately, on account of the huge amount of space needed for a golf course, it is still rare to find an 18-hole in a resort.

=> By the seaside:

By the seaside, apart from the pleasures of sunbathing, there are various clubs offering afternoons of deep-sea diving! Discover the ocean floor and observe marine animals in their natural environment (fishes, algae, coral reefs…).

If you are ready to show off your prowess, show off by windsurfing, water skiing or kite surfing along the beaches.

-> Don’t believe that these sports are reserved for a certain category of people who can afford them. You can actually take lessons at prices far lower than you’d think. You don’t have to go to every class if you don’t want to. Although the more you go the quicker you’ll pick up the sport.

You’re on holiday, so have fun!

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