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The map search feature is here! Sextant New Build is proud to present its shiny new feature- Google map search! As the only French property website to offer this, we hope you’ll agree it really makes a difference.

It’s very easy to use. On the home page, click on the “Map Search” tab, which will take you to a map
of France, showing with blue squares the location of every new build property currently on our site. If you’d like to narrow down your search, click on region and in the drop down menu, select the region you’re interested in, for instance Languedoc-Roussillon. You can also choose the category (whether you’re keen on being in a ski, golf, country or seaside environment), then click on search. You’ve now got a more precise selection of properties to view. Alternatively, you can first choose the region or category you’re interested in on the home page, click search and then change from list view to map view. Importantly, you can see how far they all are from each other and how far they are from landmarks and towns. The scale will give a good indication of distances. When you click on a little blue square with a house in it, all developments located in that town or village will appear, with vital information- price, number of bedrooms, their Sextant reference and of course, a photo.

Don’t forget, these locations are based on French postcodes. This means the properties may not be on the exact spot featured on the map, but will be very close by.

For those of you wondering when the feature will be available for our resale properties, watch this space…

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