French Rural Property Index updated!

Sextant French Properties helps people to find their dream house in France, whether it be a holiday home or a permanent residence. In order to guide their customers during their search they created the French Rural Property Index which is updated regularly.

A few months ago, Sextant French Properties created its own property index, the “French Rural Property Index”. Its primary function is to aid potential investors from the UK in understanding in much greater depth, the French rural property market. It demonstrates to potential consumers the trends and predictions for each specific region of France.

The Rural Property Index takes into account the 10,000 properties advertised on the Sextant website; most of them, around 97%, are old properties or “re-sale”, that is to say properties which have been on the market before and is either habitable, ready to move in or full renovation. The remaining 3% involve new-build and investment properties.

The index has now been updated and shows an evolution over 7 months, from October 2009 to May 2010. The French Property Index enables a graphical view of the average price trends in France which clearly shows that the housing market is slowly recovering. Since prices have been increasing steadily every month, we can predict that it will be the major trend for the coming months:  now would then be the right time to buy.

The Index also provides regional trends, showing average prices and evolution rates for the 12 most popular French regions, excluding the Paris and Alps regions. The reason is that these two areas experience irregular prices due to the very high demand and their peculiar situation (Paris being the capital and the Alps offering luxury ski resorts) that would skew the figures for France. For example, the average property price in Languedoc increased by 3% compared with October 2009 to reach €338,715 in May 2010.

Although the vast majority of properties in Provence Cote d’Azur is not rural, many British investors find the area a very attractive place to either have a holiday home or a more permanent domicile. As a consequence, Sextant, in accordance with its aim to help find the perfect French home for British people, decided to include these properties in the Index. The prices in this region average €754,870 and experienced a 20.4% increase compared with October 2009.

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