French ‘off plan’ leaseback property – an investment protected from currency fluctuations

French LeasebackIn these economically troubled times, many potential investors are put off by poor exchange rates between the pound and the Euro, preferring instead to err on the side of caution. While this course of action is wholly understandable, they do risk missing out on some great opportunities.

Sextant Properties is currently marketing a leaseback development for sale in the French Alps with a yield up to 4.5% (ref 19547). Having appeared on the market on the 21st September 2009, the development is attracting an overwhelming amount of interest. – as of the 12th November, 47 of the 77 apartments have been sold, and 5 others are reserved.

The 25 remaining properties still offer plenty of choice. It is unlikely that any of the properties will still be available in January. Here is why you can buy today without being affected by the unfavourable exchange rate:

The properties are ‘off plan’, which means that the buyer pays little now. Additionally, taking out a French mortgage will result in monthly payments which are the best way of responding to currency fluctuations.

If you buy apartment number C001 on the market at €175,800 (including VAT) you will need to pay only €154,764 because the VAT will be reimbursed. You can take a 100% mortgage on the price excluding VAT (€154,764) and the property can thus be financed in the following way:

> Due now 5% Reservation deposit: €8,401
> On signature of the mortgage offer, brokers fees €774 to be paid in December 2009
> Just before signature with Notaire, Bank fee €1548 (to be paid in March 2010)
> After signature with the Notaire refund of extra deposit €2,248

For the next 24 months you pay life insurance payments of around €41 per month (subject to approval). The delivery is scheduled in November 2011. You will then start to receive a rental income every three months from La Grange, and this will be used to pay back the mortgage.

Our specialist broker, Athena Mortgages, gave us a quote for this particular property, as follows:

MORTGAGE AMOUNT including an estimation of deferred interest during 24 months.
Estimated Interest Rate
Duration of the loan
25 years
Variable rate
2 year fixed rate then tracks Euribor 1 year
Monthly mortgage instalments
Monthly rental income
Estimated shortfall / Surplus
Premiums for life insurance (estimate)

The start date for repayments will be in March 2012. The buyer will need to pay €286 per month from that date. The rental income will be increased every 3 years, and, for this reason, the shortfall will decrease with time.

In summary, the purchase of an ‘off plan’ property worth €175,800 would only require an initial payment of €10,723, which would be paid in several instalments. Industry experts predict that the exchange rate will have improved significantly by March 2012, making the reality of investing in French property far more accessible than most people think.

If you do not want to miss this unique opportunity, contact us on 020 7428 4910 or visit the reference 19547 for more details

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